CRIBPOINT Vending and Secure Storage

When you need point of use access to materials, tools and supplies.

The CRIBPOINT™ family consists of versatile, modular, industrial automated secure storage systems for a wide variety of industrial supplies. CRIBPOINT vending machines reduce shrinkage, place material closer to the point of use, insure cost tracking and reduce labor in cribs, storerooms or cells. These units work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to reduce your total operational cost of material usage by:

  • Eliminating stockouts,
  • Minimizing material handling time and cost,
  • Reducing consumption, by  tracking  usage,
  • Reducing find and  walk time,
  • Reducing inventory carrying cost,
  • Knowing what’s on hand and where it is,
  • Improving management auditing, overview and analysis.