CRIBPOINT Stock Supervisor -Cabinet Control

Tool and item storage in electonic Lista cabinets

CRIBPOINT TM Stock Supervisor Cabinet Control provides secure and easy access to material stored in Lista cabinets.  The streamlined process starts with user authentication using a touchscreen, keyboard, bar code scanner or proximity reader. Additional tracking parameters may be required, providing additional cost accounting. The cabinet(s) unlocks providing access to all the material in the cabinet, and re-locks at the completion of the activity. The CRIBWARE software tracks the material usage, reordering when the stock runs low.

Stock Supervisor controls the issuing, returning, receiving, restocking and transferring of items in a secure, easy to use system.

Item selection is easy and accurate using the intuitive user interface, a bar code scanner or the optional touch screen display, making operator training minimal.  And users are not limited to just item issue, but can also perform restocking, receiving, and inventory adjustment activities as needed.

Handles most all material geometry sizes


Stock Supervisor cabinets provide the greatest flexibility and reconfiguration capability of any automated storage device and can be added as auxiliaries to other CRIBPOINT vending systems.


  • Password entry is required and tracked by CRIBWARE for cabinet access.
  • Usage tracking parameters may be required to further restrict cabinet entry.
  • The user quickly scans the item’s barcode, selects it from a list, or uses the on-screen search, then removes the item from the cabinet.
  • The cabinet locks after the transaction has been completed.
  • Inventory activities such as restock, receiving and inventory adjustments are restricted to approved users.
  • Multiple cabinets may be controlled on a single workstation.
  • For larger installations, manage additional cabinets by simply adding another controller to the workstation.


  • Easy to implement. Easy to learn. Easy to use.
  • Items are secure until needed and are managed by the CRIBWARE system, providing multi-level security and dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Reduces inventory levels while improving inventory accuracy and accountability.
  • Automatically reorder and inventory level management.
  • Reduces shrinkage and increases security.
  • Utilizes bar code technology to improve accuracy, efficiency and user acceptance.
  • Items may be stored at the work center where they are needed.
  • Provides decentralized item control for use on the plant floor in restricted access cabinets.
  • Standard cabinetry with flexible item storage.

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