Store your fragile or larger items for both issue and return

Electronic Lockers

  • Perfect for instruments, power tools, mobile devices or fragile item storage
  • Choice of 18 or 36 doors per locker bay
  • Chain together multiple auxiliary cabinets
  • Lower volume product capacity
  • Individual assigned personal lockers
  • Vend individual items from a box
  • CRIBPOINT Lockers™provide secure industrial dispensing and return capability for larger or fragile items. Many items should not drop, need to be recharged (such as communication devices, power tools, scanners) or need to be returned regularly. Lockers provide the best solution for these items. CRIBPOINT Lockers comes in two 18-door and 36 door configuration. All models feature clear front doors and a lighted interior to allow product identification. Once an item is selected, the appropriate door is opened to allow access, for item removal or return. The lockers can also act as simple access control systems, allowing door assignment and restricting an individual to a single or set of doors. As a standalone storage location or in tandem with other CRIBPOINT storage cabinets, CRIBPOINT Lockers securely store those large or fragile items not easily placed in other automation devices.

    Locker Characteristics

    • May be deployed as a master controller or auxiliary cabinet
    • Several door sizes to handle a variety of large geometry items
    • Industrial locks secure your expensive items
    • Steel doors with clear windows allow users to see if material available for use
    • Quantity issuing from boxes of items may be performed
    • Return capability allows perpetual reuse of items
    • CRIBPOINT issuing, replenishment, and receiving
    • Use with other CRIBPOINT machines as an auxiliary component
    • Connected to CRIBWARE® software and other CRIBPOINT solutions.

    Power in your locker

    Powered Locker compartment
    CRIBPOINT Lockers may be ordered with a power/charging option, ensuring your equipment is ready for its next use.


    Instrumentation and scanners,
    Large gages and fixures,
    Power tools and hand tools,
    Helmets and welding visors,
    Grinding wheels,
    Spare parts,
    Safety clothing,
    Industrial batteries,
    Computers, and tablets,
    Mobile technology and
    Handheld devices.

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    Proven Results

    Individual Item Access
    Varied door sizes for  issuing single items. Fragile of heavy items do not drop.

    Absolute Control
    Authorized usage and accountability tracking. Restriction of item usage in a set time period to reduce consumption.

    Point-of-Use Availability
    Items are stored and available where they are needed and used.

    Secure Inventory Storage
    Reduces shrinkage and increases security. Issue and return activity tracked by user.

    7-day, 24-hour Control
    Available anytime, controlled all the time.

    Single Software Interface
    Simple operations reduce training needs.

    Powered by CRIBWARE
    CRIBPOINT Locker activity is monitored, controlled and reported by the CRIBWARE® system.

    Multiple bays with a single access point

    Each Master locker can control additional auxilary lockers
    to handle a variety of products and geometries.