Decentralized absolute secure storage vending

Affordable Individual Package Vending

  • Absolute Item Control
  • Decentralized Storage Near Work Area
  • Lower Cost per Item
  • Two Models for 30 or 40 Items
  • May be sourced as cabinet only
  • CRIBPOINT™ MIDSIZE Vending is a compact, economical industrial point-of-use system for distributing safety supplies, cutting tools, welding accessories and other industrial materials. Due to their reduced physical size, these units are ideal for placing through-out your facility eliminating walk and find time.

    The versatility and flexibility of the CRIBPOINT Midsize Vending make it ideal for placing on workbenches pedestals, rolling carts or wall mounted industrial shelving. Multiple units may be controlled by a single CRIBPOINT user interface.

    Decentralized Storage of Materials

    Storing and organizing items at the work center where they are used reduces the need for employees to leave their work area, increasing productivity. CRIBPOINT Midsize vending machines deliver results by:

    • Accomodating diverse package geometry,
    • Securing items until needed, while ensuring availability,
    • Tracking usage to increase accountability,
    • Monitoring inventory levels to improving inventory accuracy,
    • Alerting management when stock is needed.

    Configuring your CRIBPOINT

    Configure your own system and save. Mix and match your hardware with ours.

    With two models to choose from, the Midsize 30 and Midsize 40, you can select the machine that best fits your items and your needs. The Midsize 30 provides 30 item positions, up to 6” tall.  The Midsize 40 provides 40 item positions, up to 4.5” tall.  Both models accommodate product widths 2 1/2” (1 position) to 7 1/2” (3 positions). Coil height is determined by the product being dispensed. Taller items require a spiral diameter of 3.75”, shorter items fit the standard 2.25” spirals. Options for various product thicknesses are shown in the table below.

    The CRIBPOINT Midsize vending solution can be tailored to fit your needs. This includes an out-of-the-box, ready-to-go, machine.  All you need to do is add the data and load the items. This system would include a Midsize Vending cabinet, Windows computer with CRIBWARE software pre-loaded and configured, a monitor and bar code scanner.

    Or, if you’d rather work with the computers already in place on your plant floor, just purchase the cabinet and add the components you want to enhance the system, as you need them. Available add-ons include:

    • Computer with Windows OS,
    • Color touch screen monitor,
    • Bar code scanners,
    • Magnetic stripe, IR, or proximity card readers,
    • Auxiliary CRIBPOINT Midsize vending machine cabinets attached to the master unit.
    • Stock Supervisor cabinet for storage of larger or difficult to vend items.

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    • May be placed on a cart or underneath a work bench.
    • Items issued at the point-of-use
    • Perfect for work cells and remote storage areas
    • Network-ready for flexible positioning in your facility
    • Configured to dispense a wide array of products
    • Economical and dependable operation
    • Easy to learn touchscreen interface
    • Tracks item consumption
    • Limited transactions for restricting employee access and item usage


    Individual Item Dispensing
    Items can be dispensed individually or as packages.
    Point-of-Use Availability
    Items are stored and available where they are needed and used.
    Secure Inventory Storage
    Secured in a rugged cabinet under computer control.
    7-day, 24-hour Control
    Available anytime, controlled all the time.
    Restricted Item Access
    Limits item overuse and promotes process problem identification.
    Networked to CRIBWARE
    CRIBPOINT activity is monitored, controlled and reported by the CRIBWARE material management software.