The workhorse of high volume vending

XL Helicoil Vending Delivers

  • Absolute Item Control
  • High Volume
  • Vend Validation
  • Holds up to 60 Items
  • Auxiliary Cabinets can be added
  • CRIBPOINT™ XL Vending is a versatile, rugged, storage and dispensing system for industrial supplies. Items are dispensed by a motor driven helix, which rotates and moves the product forward. A re-configurable tray design allows helixes to be adjusted, driven in tandem, or exchanged for helixes of different diameters or pitches (width of one complete helix turn) at any time, without tools. This dramatically reduces the need for repackaging and ensures trouble-free dispensing in even the most challenging industrial environments. Exclusive dispensing accessories enable you to issue parts of irregular geometry and reduce friction when dispensing.


    • Items issued at the point-of-use
    • Perfect for high volume items
    • Network-ready for flexible positioning in your facility
    • Configured to dispense a wide array of products
    • Economical and dependable operation
    • Vend validation technology
    • Easy to learn touchscreen interface
    • Tracks item consumption
    • Limited transactions for restricting employee access and item usage
    • CRIBWARE Courier for automatic and unattended report distribution


    Individual Item Dispensing
    Items can be dispensed individually or as packages.
    Point-of-Use Availability
    Items are stored and available where they are needed and used.
    Secure Inventory Storage
    Secure in a rugged cabinet under computer control.
    7-day, 24-hour Control
    Available anytime, controlled all the time.
    Restricted Item Access
    Limits item overuse and promotes process problem identification.
    Networked to CRIBWARE
    CRIBPOINT activity is monitored, controlled and reported by the CRIBWARE system.

    High Degree of Configurability

    Each tray can be customized to handle a variety of products and geometries

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