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CRIBPOINT Vending utilizes the powerful CRIBWARE software, blending inventory control technologies with process activities to extend control to all aspects of your material storage and usage needs. CRIBWARE sets itself apart from other stock management systems by offering complete planning, inventory control, purchasing, cost and usage monitoring, in a comfortable user interface.

Centralization of Information

The CRIBWARE backbone upon which CRIBPOINT technology is built, provides centralized monitoring to assure process efficiency, standardization and cost control. This is a complete, scalable, multi-user software system that delivers:

  • Connectivity between all usage and storage points,
  • Global consumption/usage tracking,
  • Location/machine specific order point and reorder quantities,
  • Purchasing has access to higher centralized volume for vendor discounts,
  • Multi vendor choices for best product and price,
  • Reports and analysis tools to provide immediate and comprehensive information by machine or entire facility.

Touch Screen Access

Easy, Fast, Selfserve KIOSK

With an intuitive user interface, optional touch screen display and bar code scanning technology, item selection is easy, quick and accurate. SelfServe is not limited to just issuing items; returning, cabinet restocking, purchase order receiving, and inventory adjustments can also be performed. SelfServe technology offers:

  • Large buttons and graphical icons,
  • On-screen keyboard for full alphanumeric data entry,
  • Optimized bar code label and HID card reading,
  • Usage history by multiple tracking parameters,
  • Limited employee access to specific products and/or quantities,
  • Restock and setup at the vending machine,
  • Multiple and mixed secure storage technologies management.

Management Reporting

Reporting is an integral part of the CRIBWARE system. It provides the tools to review, analyze, document and export CRIBWARE information. Reports are organized by categories and sub-categories for broad view or detail-rich information. With over 350 reports available for viewing, exporting and/or printing, CRIBWARE reports are robust and graphically pleasing and present the information quickly and easily.

Information is Power...

CRIBWARE Delivers More.

The CRIBPOINT touch screen monitor provides the user with the critical information used to identify the correct item. Identification methods include:

  • Part number,
  • Item classification,
  • Condition as new , used, or other
  • Item descriptions,
  • On hand quantity,
  • Machine contents.
  • View drawings, photos, and other documentation

The intuitive CRIBPOINT interface displays complete item search, sorting and alternate location identification to refine item selection. Detailed information, drawing or graphic documents assigned to an item are single touch away.

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