Secure Storerooms and Tool Cribs

CRIBPOINT TM CRIB-ACCESS provides controlled entry into cribs and storerooms where stock is managed with the CRIBWARE inventory control system. Installed on doors or gates, a CRIBPOINT-controlled electromagnetic lock activates, allowing entry, and automatically re-locks to restrict further access.  Access is granted using a keypad, bar code scanner, card reader or computer keyboard. Material stored  inside the secure area  is managed using powerful CRIBWARE software. Once an employee is ready to leave the room, they simply push the Exit button, which deactivates the lock from the inside.

Control all material geometry sizes in your secure storage area


CRIB-ACCESS provides flexibility using existing storage in cabinets, on shelves or any other conventional storeroom fixture.


  • Password entry is required and tracked by CRIBWARE for access.
  • Password entry device options include the CRIBWARE screen, keypad or bar code scanner, and magnetic strip and RFID card readers.
  • Usage tracking parameters may be entered once inside storeroom.
  • The user quickly scans the item’s barcode, selects it from a list, or uses the on-screen search, then removes the item from the cabinet.
  • Electromagnetic lock with flexible mounting brackets and 1,500 lbs. of direct holding force.
  • Designed for a variety of gates and doors.
  • Exit Push Button for convenient exiting of room.


  • Access to a crib or storeroom is restricted and entry history maintained.
  • Flexible configuration. Easy to implement.
  • No moving parts - low maintenance.
  • Material is secure until needed.
  • Provides multi-level security and dynamic reporting capabilities.
  • Reduces shrinkage and increases security.
  • Utilizes automatic reader technology to improve accuracy, efficiency and user acceptance.
  • 24/7 control of cribs and storerooms.

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